Various Los Alamos employees have gotten sick due to exposure to asbestos, lead, beryllium, and toxic chemicals. This has resulted in cancer and other associated diseases due to exposure to these substances.

If you are currently ill and seeing a doctor for any suspected disease that may be related to those substances listed below or you are a family member of someone who worked in Los Alamos and is now deceased and may have been exposed to those substances listed please note the following web site:  U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act or call 866-888-3322.  You may file claims for compensation at this web site.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory to date has compensated the claimants that were afflicted by the latter.  They have paid for some medical bills associated with sickness related to exposure.  The Federal Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000 was enacted to provide compensation to these veterans of the cold war, who were made sick from radiation, beryllium and other toxic substances.  Legislation was introduced in the One-Hundred Seventh Congress, with bipartisan support, that established deadlines for the administration of claims, and provided for a federal willing payer to equitably administer disability payments and meritorious medical claims.

Some New Mexicans with meritorious claims were unfairly denied state workers compensation in the years prior to passage of the Federal Act.  Families can obtain assistance with claims by contacting:
Energy Employees Compensation Resource Center
412 Paseo De Onate Ste D
Espanola NM 87532
or by contacting
the toll free number at 866-272-3622 or via e-mail at

New Mexico State Representative Ray Ruiz

PS:  Harriet Ruiz, widow of representative Ray Ruiz, had filed for a special exposure cohort (sec) on behalf of all workers who worked in Los Alamos from 1943 through 1975 and had an aggregate of 250 work days, and had one of the 22 cancers that are covered and were caused by being exposed to radiation, or radiation emitting materials.

If you believe that you or a family member might be qualified for this program, please contact the Resource Center and proceed with a claim.

P.S. There is an office in Santa Fe to help claimants if they are having trouble getting compensated or have been denied, it was created by Governor Richardson. 

Office of Nuclear Workers’ Advocacy
1190 S. St. Francis Drive
Room S. 1350
PO Box 5469
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502
Phone# 505-827-1636 or 505-827-0624


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