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Dennis Smith (Class of 1960) passed away November 23, 2017.  Dennis created the LAHS website and maintained it efficiently for nearly 20 years.  Since 1990 he helped organize the Multi-Class Reunions with his advanced computer skills. Dennis posted links to the most current websites and stayed in touch with experts on Los Alamos' early years.  After completing a lengthy process to set up the nonprofit corporation in 2002, lots of money has been saved.

Denny devoted time to keep the Shirley Fries Alumni Scholarship going, connect LAHS grads through the e-mail lists, and assisted individual classes with their Reunions.  He spent hours each week researching and recording the dates of individuals' deaths which comforts family and friends as they remember lost loved ones.  Denny could figure out how to fix every computer crisis.

Den will be remembered for making life more fun and taking time to be a good friend.  He had become the driving force for the Alumni Committee.  We will miss him and plan to have this website, the Reunions and the Scholarship go on and on.

Current Projects:

Voices of the Manhattan Project has been undertaken by the Atomic Heritage Foundation and the Los Alamos Historical Society to create a public archive of our oral history collections of Manhattan Project veterans and their families. For more information and to view the continuing results of this project you may select here!

The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History (AKA: National Atomic Museum) is undertaking the collection of personal and family related items for the Manhattan and Cold War timeframes. Donated items such as ID cards, fallout shelter assignments, old technical manuals for projects and computers, old computer equipment, LASL weekly bulletins, old newspaper articles, photos, and so on are examples of those items being sought. It is felt that the Museum would be a better repository than hidden in your garage and eventually thrown away. The Museum has embarked on a Family related display room. To donate items can be sent to The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, Attn: Curator David Hoover, 610 Eubank SE, Albuquerque NM 87123.

The next mass reunion will be held in 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Statistics for the 2015 reunion are as follows: 291 graduates representing the classes of 1953-1975 and counting guests a total of 399 for both the events.  At the mixer we had a total of 316 people and at the dinner we had a total of 282 people.

The current committee is working to ensure the success of the next reunion. Committee members are comprised of Juanita (Ruiz) Miguel '61 (Advisor),   Jeanette Kinker '68 (President/Hotel Arrangements),  Dottie (Smith) MacVeigh '68(Secretary/ Registration    Betty Anne (Mullins) Pacheco '68 (Treasurer Newsletters/Mailings) Michele (Lang) Buchanan '63 (Class Get Togethers),  Jean "Kinker Sena '72 (Hotel Arrangements/Registration),  Peggy (C'de Baca) Atencio '63 ( Class Photos),  Don Marchi '60 (Entertainment), Ken Hanks '59 (Tennis), Jae Riebe '63 (Registration),  Mary McNeese Montoya '61 (Registration) and              Viki Gore Liparato  '66    (Financial Reports & Scholarship)      Liz Rutherford  '66   (Scholarship)         Lavelle (Calvert) Martin '66 (Scholarship) and Rebecca Fellers Jones LAHS faculty/teacher interface                                                         

 Note there is a need for additional Committee members.  Unfilled vacancies include:   Packet  Materials  / Programs/Tickets/Bulletin Board. Contact us if you are interested.


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